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we are not guinea pigs.’ But that’s precisely what they were, though the camp name for them would be Kaninchen — ‘rabbits’.

They were being used in vivisection experiments to discover the best drugs for treating the war wounds of Germany’s soldiers.

One of Himmler’s obsessions was his belief that regular sex made for better soldiers, and he instructed Sonntag to find a way for them to have intercourse in brothels without contracting venereal disease.

Prisoners were deliberately cut and had their wounds infected with bacteria so Nazi doctors could experiment with treatments for German soldiers.

Prisoners were regularly beaten both by Nazi guards and fellow prisoners As well as prostitutes, they included doctors, opera singers and politicians.

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The camp had become overcrowded to breaking point and he needed to make space for even more prisoners, especially with the camps in the East forced to close. Then a canister of gas was thrown in from the roof.

Nazis used the women's camp for heinous medical experiments including deliberately infecting prisoners with syphilis From then on, every minute of the days that stretched ahead of them was regimented by blaring sirens and rules.

Inside the barrack blocks, they were tightly packed together in conditions so inhumane that one inmate described it as like ‘stepping naked into a cage of wild animals’.

In its final days, every prisoner’s file was burned, along with the bodies, and the ashes thrown in a lake.

Shaven-headed children returned from the Ravensbruck concentration camp seen after its liberation by the Russians in 1945.

‘Rabbits’ who fought against what was being done to them, or screamed too loudly because of the pain or were no longer of any use, were put out of their misery with lethal injections or simply taken out into the forest and shot.

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