Sex fantasy web site

09-Dec-2017 12:16

I knew I had to stop before I became even more hooked.I stopped visiting such sites more than three years ago.Then there was my Malaysian sugar daddy, a philosophical man I came close to falling in love with.He was divorced and like me valued a close bond but didn’t want anything permanent. Physically I find a face with experience attractive. It wasn’t until 2007, when at 29 I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, that I decided to explore my guilty fantasy of dating an older, wiser, more worldly type. He wanted to do everything together, and I’ve always loved time alone. My early crushes were always for suited-and-booted executive-looking types. My friends all seemed to drool over churlish boy-band types.I formed two more “compensated relationships,” one with a London-based lawyer who suggested a generous pre-paid monthly store card at the upmarket Selfridges.We met once or twice a week and had occasional trips away, including a ski holiday to Colorado.

Suddenly he asked what it would take “to carry the night on,” and before I knew it I had accepted money to spend the night with someone. He held back because he said he “wanted to see me again.”He became my first sugar daddy.

We saw each other every three or four months, and occasionally he would leave an envelope bursting with euro notes signed with the words “With Love.”But the more I received, the more detached from the idea of a genuine relationship I became. I attempted a couple of conventional dates with men my age, but they bored me and I was irritated to have wasted an evening. When did I become arrogant enough to think that I should always be compensated for my time?

I dismissed any man outside the website who expressed genuine romantic interest in me. After a couple of years the thrill of a date with an older, wiser, higher-flying executive had faded, yet I was still chasing dates.

I realized that my motivation had shifted to monetary gain.

The allowances and gifts, which were once a happy bonus of my adventures, were now what was keeping me there.

Casual sex had never interested me before; I had always been a bit of a prude. He led her to believe he was serious but went cold once he’d got her into bed.

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