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22-Oct-2017 03:45

Assuming that you could make concrete self- leveling and strong, it would still be abrasive, which does not seem like an optimal surface for a router table.How about a nice strong concrete slab, and 1/4" of self- leveling epoxy (it's sold for flooring) on top?If you talk to some cabinet supply places, they may be able to hook you up with an insatller. Note on the self levelig epoxies - I have used those and they are tricky to get right and can be somewhat messy - not as easy to use as I thought.Good Luck Cast it on a flat surface, use plenty of wire reinforcement with some additional very small reinforcement at the edges. I assume you will have to move it and turn it over, so some temporary stiffening will be necessary since the slab will weigh over 300# (~ 150 kg).Or can pour the mix that deep with only the mesh for reinforcement?And yes, I know there may be better materials, Im looking into epoxy etc but concrete has other advantages for my application. In my limited understanding, if you make concrete watery enough to be self- leveling, the resulting surface will be dust, not solid.For what you are doing, it won't be too expensive to do a trial and a final product. I've known lots of folks who have made beautiful cast concrete counters and tables.The hardest part is getting the smooth finish by selecting an appropriate form material.

There must be more than one "simpleton" that has seen the process used numerous times.Masonry is a versatile medium for architectural expression.