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- Fun and practical ways to involve your whole community in sankirtana.

makes it clear that every devotee and every service is part of the sankirtana effort.

- Is there an eternal place where my soul can live?

Get the ebook here (Russian ebook edition) At the final hour …

The biblical book of Ecclesiastes asks in the clearest terms what the point of our life is and for what it is that we work so hard, day after day, in our lives under the sun.

And the, the jewel of India's ancient texts of wisdom, examines these questions with the understanding that each of us, though struggling in a world of birth and death, is a spiritual spark of consciousness, immortal and imperishable.

Get the ebook here (Norwegian print and ebook editions) A world-renowned yoga master cuts through the commercialism that now clouds the real meaning of yoga.

Beyond the postures and exercises, he explains, the ancient teachings of yoga aim at lasting, loving union with the Supreme.

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From the acceptance talk that the author wrote for the awards ceremony: "I am grateful that my book has received this distinguished award. The credit belongs not to me but to the sages whose wisdom the book brings together in dialogue.Full-color 224 pages Flexibound 210 x 140 mm (8 x 51/2 in) 420 grams (15 oz) Produced entirely from eco-friendly materials Availability: Worldwide Bhaktivedanta Library Services North America 1-800-927-4152 or Amazon Sweden Write to [email protected] Bhaktivedanta Manor Online Shop Hungary Write to [email protected] quantities and wholesale, please contact your nearest BBT office, or write to [email protected] we will connect you with your BBT office.(English print and ebook editions) What if you could build your devotee community, deepen your Krishna consciousness, give others the opportunity to learn about bhakti, and perform the dharma of the age all at the same time?

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